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RWJ has been trapped inside of a windowless cube for almost 10 years now, the walls, ceiling, and floor are just comic strips, his only contact to the outside world is through a camcorder that automatically uploads his hours of insane, near incoherent ramblings to a cloud storage for a video production company in new york that then severely edits down the footage into something presentable for the front page of youtube

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If a female student got drunk and had her car stolen the university would call the police. If she got drunk and had her computer stolen, they would call the police. If she got drunk and had her phone stolen, they would call the police. The fact that she was drunk would not even be factored in when assessing if a crime had been committed. But if she gets drunk and has her body invaded and her humanity stolen, school administrations are perplexed about what to do.
International Human Rights Activist Michael Simmons offered these words (via Facebook) in response to the May 3, 2014 New York Times’ “Fight Against Sex Assaults Holds Colleges to Account” article.  (via scottthepilgrim)

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don’t ever let this die

i just watched this 20 times in a row..

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